Our Game Plan

Brand Awareness: Armed with the facts, we promote the needs of our children with public forums, social media, and advocacy work with elected officials.

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Analyze Data

We collect and analyze data on the well-being of all Illinois children. We consider the whole picture of the whole child including health, education, economic security, family, community – and beyond.

Heal the System

Even well-intentioned initiatives can have unforeseen consequences. Utilizing a racial, ethnic, and inclusion lens, we advocate for dismantling the discriminatory barriers impeding the well-being of our children.

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Develop Innovative Policies

We address our children’s unmet and overlooked needs by working to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities regarding health, safety, housing, nutrition, education, and economic well-being.

Build Alliances

From the block, to Springfield, to Washington D.C. – we bring people and groups together to ensure our children and families have the resources and legislative measures they need to flourish.

Multiply Successes

We build on strengths. We promote successful efforts in communities across the nation to improve the holistic well-being of all children while embracing local innovation.

Equipping Youth for Self-Advocacy

Often under-resourced, but overflowing with resiliency, our youth are well positioned to effect positive change in their communities. We equip young people with advocacy skills so they can write a hope-filled narrative for generations to come.